Tai Rom Yen Human-Elephant Coexistence Project: Jun 2021 Update

First meeting of Tai Rom Yen Community-based Research Team (To do local researcher for reduce the impact from wild elephants) of human elephants voices team

In the activities of peaceful surveillance and protection of wild elephants supported by National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT).

In topic Research ways for increase potential and standard of wild elephant surveillance.

Analyze problem and weak point from experience of monitoring wild elephants team

  1. Surveillance impelling techniques must do by core team or supported by villager
  2. Unclear notification system
  3. Elephants has broken free that difficult to monitoring and it has fast walked.
  4. The wild elephant surveillance team was expected from villager
  5. Lost cooperation in villager leader

After our meeting, everyone seem to be starting to create village manual about Surveillance impelling techniques to make preliminary guidelines to communicate concreteness


Next time, They were suggested to create standard manual to peaceful surveillance and protection Ver.1.0 around middle of June