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How to help elephants?

how to help elephants

There are many ways to help elephants. The first and easiest way to help them is to know about them. We cannot conserve anything if we do not know and understand how important they are? Elephants are the umbrella species because they need large and suitable areas for their lives, thus they create meaningful interaction with other wildlife species. For example, they provide micro-habitat for various species of insects through their dungs or submerged footprints and also modify landscapes for smaller mammals such as foraging pathways for hogs and deers.

After you know how important elephants are, the next thing to do is to share your knowledge with others by talking with other people or sharing via social media. Nowadays, many organizations provide factsheets that are friendly understandable. There are protocols to do when facing the elephant during a commute or how to properly travel in nature such as distancing between observer and wildlife. Waste management is also necessary for wildlife tourism to prevent wildlife behavior change such as macaques attacking tourists at Khao Yai National Park, Nakhon Ratchasima Province in Thailand.

Supporting your local organizations that help conserve elephants, prevent wildlife exploitation and poaching is also one of the best ways to help elephants. In Thailand, there also are volunteering in wildlife management such as salt lick modification or fire break monitoring during wildfire season.

In addition, elephants are not the only target that we have to help, but humans who live with them need help too, especially the people who face human-elephant conflict. Villagers have to guard their crops at night to prevent the crop-raiding elephant. Some have a small number of manpower, guarding equipment and supplies. Thereby, their livelihood and wellbeing are getting worse. Therefore, you can help villagers that live with elephants through supply support or volunteers can contribute to elephant conservation.

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